Multi core efficient processor

Efficient and intelligent multi-core chip production with powerful processors,

efficient and fast processing of various information,

taking you to experience new intelligence and improve the quality of life.

Multi core efficient processor
True color screen, <br/>high-definition display

True color screen,
high-definition display

The 1.77-inch screen is made  

of high-strength materials,

with clear display,

hard and not easy to scratch,

richer color display, and more  

comfortable visual effect.

Independent large button

The design of large buttons and large

characters, with wide spacing between

buttons, effectively avoids pressing errors,

provides comfortable rebound,

and is easy to press,

making editing information and

operation more convenient.

Independent large button

Long Range, Long Standby

2500 mAh high capacity battery, equipped with intelligent energy-saving technology,

long-lasting battery life, free from frequent charging, long-term standby,

not afraid of missed calls, online all day.

Long Range, Long Standby
3D high-definition<br/>speaker

3D high-definition

The sound level loudspeaker  

has a loud and clear  

sound quality, without harsh  

sound or noise, enhancing the  

three-dimensional sound effect.

It brings you a shocking  

experience when you are on site.

Strong flashlight

One click side button to turn on

the strong light flashlight, using

a strong light wick, with higher

brightness and a wider exposure

range, making it easy to use and

easily illuminating the night.

Strong flashlight

Dual SIM ,Dual Standby

Dual card slot design, easy to switch SIM cards, no need for two phones when going out,

high-definition communication, stable signal, and always online.

Dual SIM ,Dual Standby