High brightness colorful screen

1.77-inch QQVGA high brightness, colorful screen,

more detailed display, and clear  display under strong light, bringing you  

a brand new visual experience.

High brightness colorful screen
Large button,<br/>integrated design

Large button,
integrated design

Exquisite integrated design of large

buttons, ergonomic, with a slightly

frosted texture, no need to

worry about pressing

incorrectly, and more

convenient operation.

Durable standby
and durability

2500mAh high capacity lithium battery,

paired with low power consuming

components, achieves

long-lasting range, bid farewell

to battery anxiety,

and do not power off all day.

Durable standby<br/>and durability

One click on, bright flashlight

The brand new convex lens  refraction principle, with a bright LED wick and a lighting  

distance of nearly a hundred meters, is not afraid of dark environments,

making it your personal lighting companion.

One click on, bright flashlight
Take photos and videos<br/>for easy response

Take photos and videos
for easy response

Support post camera and video

recording.With your hands up,

you can record

all your happiness on your

phone and enjoy your happy time.

Stereo high-power horn

The 2030 stereo speaker,

after professional acoustic

debugging, has a rich and bright

sound quality, with a distant sound,

providing  you with stunning

cinema level enjoyment.

Stereo high-power horn

Three card design for easy switching

One machine with three  cards can flexibly switch operators to  meet different needs of life and provide  

more convenient call experience. It is equipped with 32GB Expanded memory,

massive data and arbitrary storage.

Three card design for easy switching