High definition large screen on wrist

The 2.22-inch full color high brightness screen provides clearer and larger screen space for detailed display,

providing you with a wider perspective and immersive experience.

Full screen touch operation makes it more convenient to use.

High definition large screen on wrist
Metal material creates a<br/>fashionable body

Metal material creates a
fashionable body

Made of high-strength metal,  

with a streamlined and fashionable  

body, metal screw connection  

surface and back cover,  

sturdy and durable. The strap clip adopts  

a push button to  lock the strap,  

making it sturdy and reliable.  

High-power flashlight

Wear a flashlight on your wrist and lightly

press it to illuminate the dark environment.

The flashlight has high brightness,

is convenient to use,

and is easy to operate.

Simply swipe the screen to turn it on.

High-power flashlight

Versatile sports assistant

Supports various sports modes such as indoor and outdoor running, cycling, and mountaineering, equipped

with professional exercise algorithms to accurately monitor calorie consumption and exercise duration

Versatile sports assistant
Convenient and efficient<br/>wireless charging

Convenient and efficient
wireless charging

Behind the powerful, there is a powerful  

and unparalleled range,

with a large capacity battery that can  

be used for a long time,

providing an ultra long  range capability.

Wireless charging can  quickly charge,

ensuring safety and reliability.

Smart Life Steward

Multiple life and health apps provide

numerous conveniences for your life.

The health app can provide

physical health data at any time,

and the rich life apps cover

all aspects of life,

taking you to experience a smart life.

Smart Life Steward

The dial changes every day and does not duplicate every day

The app has over a hundred built-in dials, with various styles such as sports, minimalism, and technology changing

according to your heart. Simply swipe the dial to replace it, showcasing excitement at all times.

The dial changes every day and does not duplicate every day