True color large screen,
new visual experience

1.1.77-inch QQVGA large screen,

large resolution,

real color experience,

bring you a different new visual experience.

Independent keys for
comfortable touch

Independent large button design,

new spraying process,

comfortable hand, easy to discolor,

with large numbers, at a glance,

avoid wrong press.

High brightness big flashlight
without fear of darkness

High brightness spotlight flashlight,

easy to switch on with one button,

strong light, close guard, no fear of night.

High volume ,
high quality sound

High-power speaker,

full and true sound,

transparent sound,

clear sound penetration,

no fear of any noisy environment.

Extra long standby,

Large capacity battery,

optimize battery power consumption,

increase standby time,

extend battery life, long-lasting.

Slim body, comfortable grip

Slim and slim body design,

with new technology,

creates a fashionable appearance,

comfortable feel,

highlighting personal unique taste.

Dual SIM card,
switch freely

One machine, two cards design,

according to different needs,

to switch SIM cards,

so that you can better manage your life.