Colorful display, full show the world

The 1.77-inch QQVGA high brightness display,

newly upgraded

software algorithm, has made

further improvements in color, brightness,

and contrast, presenting you

with rich colors and gorgeous images.

Large button, big icon

The large buttons are arranged in an

orderly manner, the icon text is clear,

and the pressing is comfortable,

no more afraid of mistake typing.

3D surround sound, more immersive

2030 loud speaker, specific adjustment

of sound processing

algorithms, optimizing the

sound of different frequency bands,

enhancing the surround effect,

giving you a more immersive experience.

Big battery, continuously online

System-level deep optimization of power


2500mAh high-energy lithium battery,

continuous online,

bid farewell to the trouble of frequent charging.

Bright flashlight, one press to open

8mm diameter LED aperture,

the condensed light reach up to 100 meters,

and press the "home" button to light on,

pretty convenient and fast.

High-efficient chipset, full of power

32GB extended memory,

MTK6261D powerful chipset,

enjoy call, message,

take photos,

and surf the Internet at will.

Dual sim, dual standby

Dual card slot design, one for work,

one for life, and you can switch

operators and bill packages as

you like, calmly to deal with life and work.