High-definition display, clear and fast

1.77-inch QQVGA TFT high-definition display,

128*160 resolution, high brightness,

saturated and comfortable,

giving you a vivid visual experience.

Rounded arc angle, thin and flexible

After repeated research,

proofing and testing,

A2173 has a comfortable

grip and more ergonomic design.

Compact body,

light and easy to carry.

Rear camera, record cherished moments

0.8MP rear camera with LED flash,

can record wonderful

moments no matter it's day or night.

Three to one loudspeaker, listen freely

New sound algorithm brings a surround sound experience.

The sound waves linger around the ear,

and when you listen to it, feel intoxicated.

Highlight LED, breakthrough the darkness

High-brightness LED wick,

high energy and low consumption,

effective range in 100 meters,

"home" button to turn on,

convenient and fast.

Full of energy, all day use

The 1050mAh high-energy lithium battery,

combined with excellent power

optimization technology,

rings you long standby,

full energy, no worry for power anxiety.

High-efficiency chipset, extremely fast

MTK6261D plaftform chipset

+ 32MB +32MB ultra-speed

storage, enough for daily surfing,

games, calls etc.