Real scene color, highly restored

After repeated debugged,

1.77-inch QQVGA screen have

used a high-precision image

algorithm, it presents you a sharp

and vivid visual experience.

Matte body, light and non-slip

The battery cover adopts a

sun-grained matte body design,

non-slip texture,

comfortable grip,

not easy to slip,

avoid damage to the phone.

Convenient operation, one-key press

Long press the "#" key to start vibration,

long press the "*" key to lock the screen.

Long press "0" to turn on the flighlight.

Integral buttons, user-friendly design

The integrated silicone dustproof button

is more comfortable to touch,

simple and quick to reduce misoperation.

Rechargeable LED flashlight

Newly upgraded high-brightness

apeture, large-scale floodlighting,

effective range of 100 meters,

clearly visible within vision range.

Ultra-low power consumption, extended battery life

The new power-saving architecture and algorithm,

the power consumption is further

reduced and the battery life is longer.

High-efficiency smart chipset, umlimited fun

MTK6261D high-efficiency platform chipset,

with 32GB extended memory, music, games,

images, address book, your world, your fun.