6.52 inch HD screen, especially excellent

The 6.52" water drop screen is wide and comfortable, with a large screen view.

The camera is placed in the cener of the screen, showing the beauty of symmetry

whether in games or video, it's an immersive visual experience.

Smart lens to record real and beautiful images

Breakthrough computational optics makes

the image clearer. The classic rear-camera

layout shows the beautiful scenery.

Whether it is a group photo or

landscape photo, it can be captured

in one shot and recorded beautiful images.

Powerful battery, always online

4000mAh large battery, strong endurance,

accompanied by morning and

evening, full of power, make life

more abundant.

Natural color, more elegant

Graceful and luxurious gold,

fresh and elegant green and

dark gray of the night sky

all adopt natural colors,

chic and elegant.

Smart fingerprint unlock, one click to open

High sensitivity rear fingerprint unlocking,

one touch to open,

fast recognition speed, comfortable gesture

position, in line with ergonomics.

Trio-card slot design to meet different needs

Trio-card slot design, dual sim, dual standby,

freely change as needed, easy to use, simple,

convenient and fast.