Diverse horizon, immersive vision

6.1-inch HD+ 2.5D incell high definition display accurately restores hundreds of millions of colors and 95% of color gamut through three-dimensional colors, brings an immersive visual experience.

Unibody, all in one

A new generation of adhesive, using

the upgraded incell screen lamilating

technology, integrated round

corner technology,

create a strong body contour.

Each corner is elegant and stylish.

Show your individuality in qualified picture

Front camera is compactly hidden

under the water droplets, and the

AI rear camera is arranged in order,

efficiently analyzes the natural light,

angle and direction of face,

landscape and building, naturally

show the gradual change

from shadows to highlight

in picture.

Limited space, powerful energy

Continuously optimize the design and structure, in limited space, equipped with 3800mAh high

performance lithium battery. Combined with power saving

management system, the battery and space

utilization rate are increase by 15% on previous basis.

Unlock in simple touch, safe and convenient

Unlock PP1 with a simple touch,

powered by latest AI technology,

verify your identity by dynamically

detecting finger key points.

Saving your data in phone safely.

Professional sound effects, listen at will

Professional sound effect chip, after repeated debugging

by sound effect engineer, make small

speaker produce full-range music,

natural and lifelike, with outstanding performance.

Triple card design, play your life

Powerful card slot design, three card dual

standby, catch up with the

trend configuration, switch as you like.