Excellent craftsmanship creates
a sturdy watch case

Super sturdy metal case, crafted with craftsmanship,

wear-resistant and resistant to falling,

fearless of harsh environments,

crafted with advanced craftsmanship ,

providing a more comfortable wearing experience.

High end materials create
high-definition large screens

The new material creates a transparent

glass mirror screen,

which adopts a large-sized design,

with higher and clearer display ,

brightness and easy operation,

giving you a silky touch experience.

Two types of watch straps,
easy to match

Metal strap, sturdy and durable,

comfortable to wear, fashionable silicone strap,

ightweight and breathable, easy to wear,

two different straps, easy to match,

calm and comfortable, suitable for different occasions.

silicone strap

Long battery life

Paired with a brand new processor, it balances high

performance and low power consumption,

bid farewell to the worry of low battery,

and paired with wireless charging, it quickly fills up,

allowing you to travel without worry all the way.

Multiple sports modes to
unleash your passion

Support multiple indoor and outdoor sports

modes, download mobile apps to

achieve real-time upload of sports data, ,

record daily sports data, provide more

scientific basis for your exercise,

and witness every drop of your sweat.

Health data center on the wrist

With various health

monitoring functions such as heart rate,

blood oxygen, sleep, and stress,

you can check your own health data at any

time and always care for your health.

Exciting features waiting
for you to experience

There are numerous daily life applications such as

calling, socializing, intelligent reminders,

playback controls, etc., ,

providing you with great convenience in

your life. Lift your wrist lightly to

enjoy a smart and convenient life.