OS8 Ultra Pro

High brightness ultra clear
full color display

Full color ultra clear screen, high brightness display,

larger screen space, more movement values

and rich dial details can be displayed,

and the digital crown can be rotated to

easily switch between dial and icon types.

Rugged housing,
streamlined appearance

In order to create an ultra strong sports watch,

we have adopted ultra strong materials

and exquisite craftsmanship to

forge this stylish and ultra hard strength case.

More convenient operation
with large keys

Large digital watch crown, smooth rotation,

large side buttons, comfortable to press,

easy to operate,

one touch to access various functions,

wearing gloves can also be easily manipulated.

Wireless charging is faster and safer

Wireless charging is convenient and quick

to charge. It can be quickly charged with a

gentle release. The large battery equipped

with it has a long-lasting battery

life and completely eliminates the need to

worry about running out of power.

Excellent waterproof performance,
no fear of wading environment

Only exquisite craftsmanship can create

excellent waterproof ability, fearless of any

splashing environment, eliminate your worries,

and can be used with confidence.

More professional training mode,
more types of exercise

A variety of indoor and outdoor sports modes,

combined with mobile APP guidance,

can master sports data at any time,

flexibly change the intensity of movement,

so that you can maintain the best sports results.

Two stylish sports straps to match

Two types of fashionable sports straps are exquisite in

workmanship, comfortable to wear and easy to disassemble.

They can be replaced flexibly according to

different occasions to highlight personal taste.