Narrow side large screen

Bigger screen, brighter

Double button control

Precise control and
flexible operation

Wireless Charging

Long Duration

High precision

Escort your health

Dual motion detection mode

Provide accurate reference data for your movement

Indoor sports

Outdoor sport

Multiple APP

A variety of APP

Narrow frame large screen, wide field of vision, perfect proportion

Professional large screen, the largest screen under the same body,

higher brightness and contrast than similar brands, and more delicate display effect.

Double button design, flexible control

Rotate the button to switch the dial at will,

and the button can switch the control

panel at any time for convenient operation.

Wireless charging, safe and fast

Long-lasting large batteries,

wireless charger,

fast charging, safe and reliable,

make charging simple.

Intelligent sensors
protect your health

Real time detection of body

health value, can measure

blood oxygen and heart rate at any

time and anywhere, and can also

monitor sleep value and body state at night,

and master it with one hand.

  • BP

  • Spo2

  • HR

  • Sleep

  • Breathe

Multiple fitness modes

A variety of fitness modes indoor and

outdoor dual fitness modes,

up to more than ten fitness functions,

with professional sports algorithms,

duration and consumption and other

data to help improve sports efficiency.

  • Outdoor running

  • Open water field

  • Mountaineering

  • Outdoor cycling

  • On foot

  • Other sports

  • Indoor cycling

  • Push ups

  • Indoor running

  • Swimming pool

  • Free movement

  • Sit-ups

Dozens of APP functions to enrich your life

Common application function,

payment function,

NFC function, etc.

a variety of application functions

et you experience Smart Life.

  • payments function

  • NFC

  • Make friends