2019 OALE New Year's Party.

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2019年1月11日晚,我们带着喜悦的心情,迎来了OALE(欧乐)自家人的饕餮盛宴 —— 2019年OALE迎春晚会。

On the evening of January 11, 2019, we ushered in the 2019 OALE New Year's Party.


In order to host the party, the CEO of the company chose a beautiful restaurant to host the party

大家满载着欢声笑语,有序的来到晚宴现场。嘉宾和领导们满面春风的向会场走来,在晚宴签到墙上留下了自己的足迹。我们就这样在这怡人的风景中,开启了晚会的第一项,山间寻味之旅。—— 迎春家宴。

Everyone came to the dinner scene in an orderly manner, full of laughter and laughter. Guests and leaders came to the venue with a smile and signed their names. In this beautiful landscape, we opened the first event of the party, the New Year dinner.


After the dinner, the host delivered the opening address


In order to prepare for this evening party, colleagues in all departments have been busy preparing t program. At the scene of the party, they had some great show.


In addition to the scene of delicious, good-looking, there are the most worthy of everyone's lucky draw.


In the mountains of the evening, although a little cold, but the scene is interesting, fun atmosphere, indeed ignited our temperature, along with the good luck broadcast, we ended this year's party, 2018 goodbye! 2019 Hello! New year,  Happy New Year to you all! Good health and good luck!