A group trip to Guilin

Time:2018-10-16       Category:

A replaxing travel is essential for us to enjoy the life.In order to let OALE's employees relax, the company organized a three-days trip to GuiLin, Guangxi. Share happiness. Easy communication!
On the morning of September 1,2018, despite the light rain,it did not affect our cheerful enthusiasm. The joy and laughter replaced the sleepiness during long ride.
People say: “Guilin's scenery is peerless in the world.”It was not until we visited the place that we found it really worthy of the reputation. 
· Jinshui rock of Guilin

· Li River
Verdant karst mountains,
clear water, 
amazing caves,
and remarkable rocks

· Yangshuo
Share the beautiful scenery with you

·  West Street
A window of eastern 
and western culture

·  Impression Sanjie Liu
The largest natural theater in the world.

The strangeness of the mountains, the beauty of the water,the simplicity of the street, and the enthusiasm of the people have left us with a deep impression.Time is always fast, and the three-day itinerary ends. Share happiness.Easy communication!