S23 Plus

S23 Plus

High definition and colorful large screen

6.52-inch screen, made of new materials to create

high-definition and colorful screen

High definition and colorful large screen

High resolution lens

High definition intelligent camera for easy

recognition of shooting environment

High resolution lens

High capacity battery

Abundant power, easy online all day

High capacity battery

Rear fingerprint,
quick unlocking

Accurate identification and quick activation

Rear fingerprint, <br/>quick unlocking

High performance chips

New generation multi-core chips with

comprehensive performance upgrades

High performance chips

Three card slot design

2+1 card slot integrated design, easy dual SIM switching

Three card slot design

6.52” high-definition screen, experience an infinite world

6.52” screen, made of new materials to create a high-definition and colorful screen,

presenting the most realistic natural colors, a colorful world, and a vivid display,

bringing the ultimate comfortable feeling and taking you to experience an infinite world.

6.52” high-definition screen, experience an infinite world
Exciting moments, <br/>easy to record

Exciting moments,
easy to record

High definition intelligent camera,

easy recognition of shooting

environment, regardless of distance,

quick locking, easy capture,

capture unforgettable moments,

and always retain beautiful memories.

4050mAh high-capacity
battery, online all day

The small body contains a large

amount of energy, with a

4050mAh large battery that provides

ample power, making it easy to stay

online all day. With an ultra long

battery life, it bid farewell to the

hassle of frequent charging.

4050mAh high-capacity <br/>battery, online all day

Comprehensive upgrade, stronger, faster

The new generation of multi-core chips, with comprehensive performance upgrades and stronger capabilities,

unleash strong power, accurately control energy consumption, and bring you a smooth operating experience.

Comprehensive upgrade, stronger, faster
Elegant color scheme <br/>showcases elegance

Elegant color scheme
showcases elegance

The fashionable and elegant

color scheme,

with tailor-made craftsmanship,

is like a tailor-made elegant

dress, showcasing elegance.

Instantly recognize
fingertips and quickly unlock

Accurate identification, quick opening,

easily accessible with rear fingerprint

touch, safe and fast,

taking you to experience a smart

and convenient life.

Instantly recognize <br/>fingertips and quickly unlock