More professional lens

Greater light intake, new sensors on board, easy

to handle in close or dark environments

More professional lens

Large HD screen

HD display for more realistic colors

Large HD screen

Large capacity battery for longer life

Powerful battery life, faster charging with new

generation charger

Large capacity battery for  longer life

High power loudspeaker

Stereo speakers, excellent audio resolution, let

you feel high quality sound

High power loudspeaker

Fingerprint recognition

Gently click to quickly unlock

Fingerprint recognition

Classic three card slot design

Dual SIM cards

Classic three card slot design

Large screen, true colors, and wide field of view

The 5.7 inch large screen, high-definition display, presents more realistic colors, higher brightness,

and can be seen clearly in dazzling sunlight, bringing you a brand new visual experience.

Large screen, true colors, and wide field of view
More professional ultra light<br/>and shadow camera

More professional ultra light
and shadow camera

The high-definition rear camera  

has a large lens and a larger  

amount of light input.

Equipped with a new sensor,

it can easily handle

any distance or light or dark environment.

Combined with intelligent  

front camera, you can freely capture  

classic moments  

and retain beautiful memories.

Long battery life, safe
and fast charging

The 3050mAh large battery undergoes

strict charging and discharging cycles,

with strong battery life.

Coupled with a new generation charger,

it charges faster and provides strong

support for daily experience and creativity.

Long battery life, safe<br>and  fast charging

Stereo speakers with a rich and distant sound

Stereo speakers, with excellent audio resolution, allow you to experience more realistic,

delicate and full sound quality, high-power output, fearless of noisy environments,

and bring you a cinematic experience that is immersive.

Stereo speakers with a rich and distant sound
Fingerprint unlock,<br/>safe and reliable

Fingerprint unlock,
safe and reliable

Classic back fingerprint design,

with high sensitivity fingerprint sensor,

lightly, quickly unlock,

safer, convenient, always guard  

your mobile phone data,

without worrying about data loss.

Classic three-card slot design

Three-card slot design brings you

more convenience,

easy card change, dual SIM card,

dual standby, worry-free signal,

always online,

with external memory card,

without fear of large files.

Classic three-card slot design