Products Reliability Testing To Ensure OALE Brand Quality

The successful of craftsman is to insist on originality.
In Europe, the apprenticeship tradition in Germany fosters the finest craftsmen. All of Switzerland’s top watches is being polished by craftsmen’s job-crafting. Artisan spirit, that is the pursuit of the ultimate spirit, is the focus of professionalism.
OALE Brand’s excellence, it is derived from the pursuit of the ultimate artisan spirit.
Every OALE mobile phone has been experienced hundreds of strictly reliability test. R&D and Quality departments are always important in OALE company.
We always believe that “Quality is OALE’s Belief” . Our products are manufactured strictly according to national and international standard and we take a test on every coil before delivered out. We have testing center and QE lab by quality standard systems.
The reliability test in the R&D phase is equivalent to a mobile phone access mechanism in order to solve the design problems, ensure the normal use of mobile phones, and perform standard production. After the test, then it enters the mass production procedure.
During this phase, various types of hardware and software including antennas are tested for reliability, and the reliability test of the hardware is relatively strict.
Our product shall pass more than one hundred harsh overall test, including quality test, environmental test, destructive test, aging test, electrical performance test and compatibility test and so on.

Reliability Test contributes to producing high-quality products, and this is precisely the corporate culture of OALE company.

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